About Us

A group of art lovers found a new opportunity to help talented artists and art lovers to sell and collect their favorite’s art pieces with the help of latest technology online. Basically we have developed a platform for all the artists around the globe to sell their paintings any time anywhere. We take the challenge of marketing their art works and benefit them as agreed.

On the other hand, the art lovers also get a golden opportunity to buy their favorites artist's work at reasonable price delivered at their doorstep. The world of art has changed a lot in the last decade. Artists are not able to find their market because, they know only to create masterpieces. But have very limited time to market their products. We have seen lot of talented artists have collection of high quality paintings waiting for customers. Even though the price is reasonable, they find it difficult to sell. The aesthetic sense of the public has also changed considerably in the last decade .They don't mind in spending money on good quality art pieces. Again the quality, price and availability of the right art work is another issue for them.

We at Sidsang art is dedicated to help both the artists and art lovers with the same spirit and commitment to make the relation stronger and long lasting. Please update us your requirements and we are at your service to have a colorful and happy world.

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