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  •  Serama chicken is very upright little bird, and it’s breast is high and pushed upwards with the wings almost touching the ground. Because of their such appearance, they are described as brave warriors and archangel chickens in Malaysia. Their body is short and well muscled with breast carried high, full and forward. They have fairly large wings in proportion to their body size. Their shoulders are set high. The tail of Serama chicken is full and carried high, pointing upwards and held close to the body. There are little or no space between their body and tail. The head is small and carried well back.Serama chickens have red colored single comb. They have red wattles and the earlobes are red or red white mix. Their legs are of medium to long length. The legs are straight and set wide apart to allow for full and muscular body. Serama chicken can appear in almost any colour.  It is the smallest chicken breed in the world.

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